A Word On Quality

I'd like to share a picture with you.


This is a picture of my car. Last month it turned 20 years old, and like any good Land Rover it's still going strong, and I expect it to last for a good few yet.

My point? Well, quality of course. They're not the cheapest of cars, but let's face it I could buy a car for £7K, or like the Land Rover above I could buy one for £30K, and I know which one would still be on the road in ten or fifteen years time. It follows in life that you get what you pay for and you certainly wouldn't buy a car with the same ethos you buy display stands to, that being simply looking at the bottom line, as you surely have more respect for your brand-don't you?

Quality comes at a price, but nothing to what you could lose if your merchandising looks cheap and shoddy, and the message you convey is one of tacky sloppyness.

We supply display solutions from the quality end of the market, and have never claimed to be the cheapest, but we do strive to supply the best.

For information on any of our products call 01458 832702.

Zap Banners - Back with a Bang

The well known Zap Banners have been improved and given a make over, after a short period of unavailability. There are now just the two variants, the Zap D2:


...and the Zap D3 (here shown in the black option):


Both are available in widths of 85 and 120 cm, and are variable in height up to 220 cm. The Zap Banners are one of the very few available where you can easily change the graphic panel, you simply pull the graphic out as far as it will go, lock the mechanism, and slide the panel out of the base unit through the slot you can see on the end of the base. There's no messing around with cassettes, and you even slide the top bar on to the new panel, meaning a much cheaper exercise as well as a simple one.

When it comes to quality, these genuine Zap stands are second to none, and promise years of faithful service.

For more information on the Zap Banner, see the website or call 01458 832702

Pop Up In An Instant

Everyone is familiar with the pop up stands, but surprisingly few people are aware of the fabric pop ups. The Spennare Pop Up Textile is one such stand and is available in different widths.

These stands differ in that rather than have the image on separate graphic panels, it is printed on to a fabric panel which remains attached to the frame, even when folded.


Pop Up Stands have never been so easy and quick to use, and with no loose components such as magnetic bars to lose, these stands are user-friendly to all.

For more information look under the Pop Up tab and select Spennare Pop Up Textile, or call 01458 832702

QuickChange wilth QuickScreen3

The perennially popular QuickScreen3 has been on the market now for a number of years, and is a classic example of the old adage of if it ain't broke, don't fix it. Sturdy, reliable, and with a contemporary look which has held its own for the past decade, this unit also benefits from a removable cassette which makes swapping over the panels as easy as possible.


For me, these are still amongst the small handful of products I would place at the top of the quality range when it comes to retractable banners, and with a range of colours to suit your corporate colour scheme, it is definately time for a quick change.

Size isn't everything.

As they say, it's what you do with it, and here is a mini retractable banner which is designed for desk top use.


These small units are available in either A4 (210 x 297 mm) or A3 (297 x 420 mm), and are ideal for branding at micro events where space or time doesn't allow for full sized banners etc. With their sleek design and complemented with your branded message, they will get the folks flocking.

For more details look under the Roll Ups tab and look for Expressions Table Top Banner, or call 01458 832702.

Tower (Inferno)

Although not a new concept, the use of products such as the Expolinc Pop Up Tower to enhance your display and target your audience with a 360 degree message has never been more relevant than it is now.


These units enable you be seen from all sides so nobody misses you. Smokin'.

For more details click on the Towers tab, or call 01458 832702.

Twist (and shout about it!)

People often want the impact of a pop up stand, but the flexibility of a banner, and wonder what product would best suit their needs. The Twist Stand fits nicely within this niche, bridging the gap between the two.



The Twist Stand scores with flexibility. It is comprised of single stand alone banners which can be used individually, or as part of a configuration, either as a straight seamless run, or with the addition of the flexible sections, as a large display with as many bends and twists as you need to produce the arrangement you need.

As long as the floor is level, the Twist Stand can go on indefinately, and can be used to create individual enclosed sections, long informative runs, and can also support shelves, lights, and podiums. It is available in different heights, and widths, so is conducive to any space you have available, big or small.

For more information on the Twist Stand, or to request a quote, please see the website under the Non Retractable Banner tab, or call on 01458 832702.  



More Ipad Stands

I've recently added some more Ipad stands to the website. These are somewhat different to those you usually see!


Click on the Ipad tab or call 01458 832702 for details.

Happy New Year

Now that most people have returned to work after the Christmas break, I'd like to wish all of our customers a Happy New Year.

I look forward to working with you in 2014.

New Ipad Stand

Ipad stands are big news currently with tablets being utilised ever more frequently for events and demonstrations.

Here's a new elegant freestanding unit which has a circular base, but can also be used like this.


Secure and flexible, for more info look under the Ipad Stand tab on the website, or call us on 01458 832702.

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