Long-lasting and user-friendly

With a fine Scandinavian design, perfect for displaying brochures, Eagle has a low centre of gravity that moves towards the centre of the foot and closer to the ground with every brochure added. This makes the system extremely stable and perfect an over eager public.

Eagle comes in three different colours and can be matched to your graphic profile to ensure there is no clash. Eagle is easy to use and super quick to set up thanks to it auto locking mechanism. All brochures can travel inside the system, giving you easy transportation for both brochures and system.

Portable brochure stand with 4 brochure holders.

Maxibit Eagle comes in a sleek nylon carry bag for enhanced portability.

Size Standing: L27 x W24.5 x H156 cm.
Size Packed Down: L27 x W24.5 x H40 cm.
Pocket Size Interior: 21.6 cm x 33 cm, suitable for A4 brochures.
Weight: 4.2kg

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