Point-of-Sale Kit

The perfect Point-of-Sale (P.O.S) kit. As a compact, beautifully formed transportable suitcase, the kit can easily be taken to and from any campaign and quickly transformed into a desk

  • A complete desk with inner-shelf made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Provides space for storage and transportation of your Maxibit Backdrop, display or designer booth, brochures, literature and sample products

Variations include: MediPack (branding for medical companies), CookPack (with stove), IcePack (waterproof for Ice), SoundPack (with speakers and iPod connection), ShowPack (with transparent desktop)

Material: 100% recycled plastic, Aluminum, rubber
Desk Size: 101 x 61 x 103 cm (LxBxH)
Case Size: 101 x 61 x 27 cm (LxBxH)
Weight: 17 kg

  • Intuitive design with known Maxibit technology
  • Portable
  • Mulitfunctional with stove, waterproofing, speakers and show cases, among other use
  • Few pieces and extremly simple to use
  • Can be treated like a real suitcase - check it in at airports, take it in a taxi, travel on an escalator
  • Can hold complete displays and booths for easy transportation
  • Can hold alternate materials and products, such as literature and samples
  • Room for up to 20 sq meters of display surface area
  • Useful in a variety of situations from launches, checkpoints, information areas, podiums and cash points
  • Patented and protected
  • Made with 100 % recycled plastic and aluminium

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