Maxibit Network Exhibition Banners UK wide


Seamless graphic precision

Network is a very compact and versatile pop-up system that is quick to set up at any location. It allows you to meet your customers where they are, rather than having them come to you. Network can be designed in a number of different shapes; straight, curved, wave-shaped, stair formations, double or single sided and many more. You can attach brochure holders and the transport box can be used as a table.

The versatility of Network makes it perfect for all your events; trade shows, product launches, press conferences etc.

Versions: Curved, straight, wave-shaped, square-edge, custom heights

Graphic size: Standard; curved front panels 68 x 223.5 cm with end panels at 66 x 223.5 cm

Width: Standard four sections; 320 cm. The number of sections can be freely added

Height: Standard three sections; 225 cm. The number of sections can be freely added

Depth: Each section is about 30 cm deepWeight: Standard 4 x 3 sections; 33 kg incl. graphics, lights and display counter

All-in-One Transit Box: The All-in-One Transit Box is the perfect complement to your Network display.

Plexirack: The Plexirack is the perfect complement to many of our Maxibit displays.

Maxilight: Maxilight is a versatile light that can be used with most Maxibit products.

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