Maxibit Original 8 Exhibition Banners UK wide


Is yours an Original?

Original 8 is the first true portable marketing display! Backed by years of experience, it is a high quality display that last. For cost effective use, Original 8 has a sturdy frame that can be used repeatedly used at the trade fair, shopping centre or company presentation.

Original 8 can be ordered in various sizes depending on the number of frame you want, allowing you the flexibility to tailor your display to your needs. Its magnetic panel exchange system is quick and easy, which means you can use the same system cost effectively for different marketing campaigns. Your message can be displayed single or double sided.

Versions: From one 70 x 100 cm panel up to 10 panels.

Construction: Foldable aluminium display.

Graphics: Laminated paper (matte or glossy) mounted on fire-resistant board.

Graphic size: 8 panels: 70 x 100 cm, 4 headers 70 x 30cm.

Width: 284 cm

Height: 234 cm including signage on top.

Weight: 20.5 kg

Easy transportation: You can easily bring the Original 8 to your event.There are two transportation cases to choose from.

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