Maxibit Stage Exhibition Banners UK wide


How big do you want it?

Unlimited in size, Stage is perfect for anything from the medium sized backdrop to the super sized trade fair. Stage is easy to mount regardless of size, meaning you won't have to mobilise half the office to build it - two should be enough. Graphics are exchanged easily and the same print can be used curved or straight, single or double-sided, giving you a system that changes when you need it to. All profiles are made from quality material but are so light even the biggest display can travel anywhere. Profiles slide or screw together to change the systems height and width, allowing you the flexibility to use the same system at different events for cost efficiency.

Versions: Straight, curved.

Graphic material: Super-size fabric graphics.

Width: Each horizontal section is 110 cm, curved or straight. Connect as many as you like.

Height: Each vertical section is 110 cm.

Weight: Stage 330 x 220 cm, complete with graphics and bag = 11.4 kg; Stage 440 x 330 cm, complete with graphics and bag = 14.2 kg.

The new Stage Clamp allows you to hook monitors & other heavy equipment to the stage.

Choice of two different feet. The Tripod foot and the Oval foot. Both give you stability but the Oval foot gives you a smaller foot print.

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